“Who Dares Wins”

I recently read about the heroic activities of some very dedicated soldiers.

During WW 2 and the dark days of 1941, the British Army activated an elite group of airmen called the Special Air Service (SAS) to engage in very risky special forces activity.

Their motto was “Who Dares Wins” and certainly their exploits were bold producing heavy causalities, but their successful missions were instrumental in many broader victories since their inception.

Without being too dramatic, sales professionals are our special forces in business terms. They go out every day and suffer more defeats than victories, but their efforts are absolutely mission critical to any company’s success.

For owners, entrepreneurs, management teams and sales managers recognition of the extraordinary efforts of their respective sales professionals is often under played. They are the first to get blamed when business is bad and the last to get recognized when business is good.

Yet nothing happens in any business until somebody does the hard work of making a sale!

It can be tedious, lonely, and frustrating. It takes a certain type of person to slug it out day in and day out eking out wins that contribute to an organization’s viability.

These modern- day warriors “dare to win”! They are out front, visible, and vulnerable. We need to encourage and recognize their work and give them the necessary organizational support, tools, and processes to be successful.

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