NEALABC Top Sales Professionals Use Customer Relationship Management

Top Sales Professionals Use Customer Relationship Management


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You are not using CRM…10 reasons to start now!

PHOENIX – January 7, 2020 – This is the year of the CRM!!! What is it? How can it help me? Who is using this awesome technology? What to do?????

In today’s fast pace business world, information that is accurate, timely, and readily accessible is a distinct competitive advantage. This is particularly relevant in the sales arena. Chris Neal, CSO at NEALABC states “that if you plan on selling today the same way you sold yesterday the probability of success is not being maximized”. “What are you going to do differently today to outsell your competition?”

According to many studies conducted by independent sales management enterprises, CRM (Customer Management Relationship) tools are the technological choice to compete and win. 68% of all businesses world-wide are either using or are planning to implement CRM solutions.

There are significant reasons for all users – sales professionals, sales managers, senior level executives or boards of directors to be taking advantage of this technology.

Here are 10 very practical reasons why sales professionals use CRMs and outperform their competition:

  1. All relevant contact information is in one place
  2. Captures sales information i.e. emails, phone conversations, notes, quotations etc.
  3. Calendaring
  4. Reminders of significant tasks / meetings
  5. Assigning follow up responsibilities
  6. Management of company sales processes
  7. Tracking activities at customers and prospects
  8. Managing a strategic sales plan
  9. Time & territory management
  10. Accessibility to “real” time information for decision making

As a side note, sales professionals must understand they are not “lone rangers” and a successful sales effort is the dynamic inter play of multiple team members using current and accurate information to compete better and win more often. Relying on paper, sticky notes, personal memory, etc. is simply yesterday’s method and not a winning hand today.

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NealABC can answer your questions and provide the necessary support to keep your business moving in the right direction.


(Neal & Associates Business Consultants, Inc.) has been in business since 2003 located in Phoenix, AZ.

The company’s mission is to help its customers sell more.

Many businesses seek help because their top-line sales revenue is not growing sufficiently, or they are not running optimally with their current technology. However, many of them do not have the resources to implement the changes necessary to optimize their strategic processes and people.

Our unique approach couples best practice business methodology with sales technology captured under our proprietary Total Selling Organization (TSO) system umbrella.

The primary delivery mode is a consultative model that provides a comprehensive menu of goods and services. The services are delivered by a cadre of certified TSO Coaches and Business Consultants located strategically around the nation. Our methods are simple, cost-effective and result driven.

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