Time and Territory Management

In our sales training session we are often asked when is enough, enough, regarding pursing a prospective customer?  In the infamous words attributed to Zig Ziglar, “It depends on who dies first”!

This quote should make you stop and ponder.  Do we really know with any degree of certainty how many touches; emails, voice mails, text massages, meetings, face to face visits, blogs, proposals, etc. really advances the sales process?

The answer is in your historical data.  If you had kept track of these touches in a CRM stratified by large, medium, and small prospects you would see a pattern.  Generally, a bell-shaped curve would emerge. By eliminating both ends an average would be apparent that can serve as the basis for how tenacious you need to be for each tier of business.  Obviously, these averages must be put in the context of the idiosyncrasies of a given prospect and exceptions will arise.  Merely checking the box and saying I sent them another email, or I texted them again last week does not equate to conscious and strategic decisions.

There are circumstances to dig in tenaciously one more time and there are situations to exercise discretion and back off.  Where precious sales time is spent is predicated on prioritization between a sales professionals and sales management.  Sales professionals have an equal playing field of 24/7 no more no less. The game is on, who can manage time most effectively?

Decisions as to, who, where, why, when and how to spend sales time is critical for all world class B to B sales professionals.  If time and territory management is an issue contact us – info@nealabc.com.

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