Tick STOC (Sales Time Optimization Calendaring)

Author: Dave Neal
In our last post (you can see on our LinkedIn company page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/neal-&-associates-business-consultants), we introduced Sales Time Optimization Process (STOP) as a starting point to help owners, sales managers, and individual sales professionals maximize sales time.
We underscored that all salespeople have one exact commonality “time” (24/7); the differentiator is how they use it.
Without splitting hairs, we can’t organize time, time is a constant. What we can do and indeed what world-class sales professionals do is focus where they spend their time. They simply do it better than everyone else.
What is their secret?
They have learned where they get the biggest bang for their time “buck”!
How do they determine focus and expenditure of this precious resource?
Many use this simple Sales Time Optimization Calendaring (STOC) exercise in conjunction with their sales manager.
• For 2 weeks log all daily sales activities with no editing (It is what it is).
• Separate into 3 buckets (Must, Want, and Like).
• Compare time spent in each with your objectives and goals as defined with your sales manager.
• Determine critical activities and prioritize them in terms of time per day/week.
• Create a new weekly calendar (removing 50% of like and want to do activity) and enter in Outlook or a CRM system.
• Track activities against goals to determine changes in results.
Obviously, there will not be instant results, because most B to B sales efforts require consistent and persistent effort. However, in a couple of months, if you are disciplined, the accumulative redundancy of the critical activities will start to pay off!
There are more tips around STOP and STOC including developing a simple Strategic Sales Plan (SSP) and the accompanying Individual Sales Plans (ISPs) that help management and sales professionals optimizing their sales time.
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