There is still time

We don’t have time to plan. We’re not corporate America. Planning is too complicated. Things change too rapidly. Plans are too inflexible. Etc., etc., etc.

Research on the most successful companies has demonstrated there are four elements that are consistently present.

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Tracking
  • Managing

Of these Planning is the first and most important. A plan that is developed, accepted, and executed organizationally wide is the best predictor of successful and sustained performance.

Formal planning includes the people, processes and technology that must be in place to ensure an organization’s objectives and goals are achieved.

The plan provides clear, concise, actionable, and accountable direction for the entire enterprise.

The result is total organizational alignment that leads to improved performance.     

If you are interested in discussing a 2021 strategic business plan that is simple, cost effective, result oriented, that can serve as your organization’s road map to achieve desired business objectives and goals give NEALABC for a call at 480 422-5001 or email Chris Neal at Also click on the attached link for a short video that uses sales as a planning example.

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