Forrester Report: Build your Identity and Access Strategy

The Forrester report, “Build Your Identity and Access Management Strategy,” brought to you by NEALABC, helps security leaders develop a compelling identity and access management (IAM) strategic plan. These strategies should be established and approved by a cross section of stakeholders, with a focus on customer experience and employee usability.

The Forrester report also covers the importance of selecting the right vendor for such a complex and critical project. Thales has the experience and reputation for implementing an iterative process that will be built to refine and grow your IAM strategy.

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Is Your Enterprise Ready for Hybrid Cloud? 

Transform your business with Intel® IT hybrid cloud. Maximizing the potential of hybrid cloud through optimized workload configurations could give your business a competitive edge, as less than 50% of organizations have yet to do so, according to Forrester. Understand the elements of a powerful hybrid cloud strategy in this business brief, which includes cloud-native app development and prioritizing line-of-business (LOB) needs, brought to you by NEALABC. #IntelBusiness

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