Sales Tenacity – “Just Show Up”!

I just saw an interview with Cal Ripken Jr. the “Iron Man” of baseball, a 19 time all-star, with an unbelievable 2,632 consecutive game streak-breaking Lou Gehrig’s legendary mark.

He was discussing his new book, “Just Show Up”! The application of his career and his personal philosophies are very applicable to business and in particular sales.

A central theme of his book and career is a commitment to the job. No matter what happens, exercising the tenacity and grit to show up every day and compete.

Many days he was hurt, tired, and frustrated, but he got out of bed, got back in the game, supported his teammates, and did his job for the fans!

What can sales professionals learn from his remarkable career?


  • Commitment and dedication to your job, team, and customer
  • Work hard and leave it all on the field
  • Never give up
  • Play hurt
  • Don’t mail in your work
  • Go to the ballpark where your clients/prospects are physically located
  • Big B to B deals need personal interactions where you make the difference
    Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

Just showing up doesn’t imply getting a “participation trophy” it means total immersion into your profession with passion, blood, sweat, and tears! Those that dare to risk it all win!

These types of people hard to find, but they are out there, and they make the difference between average performance and exceptional achievement.

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