4th of July

All I Seem to Do is Put Out Fires…

I was consulting with a CEO of a $100,000,000 company regarding his 16 – hour workdays. He was getting stressed out and felt he was spread way too thin to be effective.

He said he was putting out fires, going from one problem to the next as they inevitably came up in the normal course of business.
I asked about his key management team i.e. number, salaries, experience, education, responsibilities etc. He said they were well qualified, extremely well paid, yet unable to prioritize and problem solve without his intervention.
I asked how long this had been going on, he said, “For Ever”!
This real scenario happens frequently in businesses of all sizes. Without a deep dive into the minutia, here are a few thoughts to consider if you are experiencing like circumstances.

  • Are you comfortable delegating and trusting anybody on the team?
  • Can you accept them failing?
  • Does each manager have a plan and means to track it for accountability and modifications?
  • Do you model what you want them to do?
  • Do you coach them vs. doing for them?
  • What are you doing to help or prevent them from doing their job?
  • Do you have a good Psychiatrist?

The essence of this dilemma is leadership within a company’s culture. Leadership that hires the right people, for the right reasons, holds them accountable and coaches them for success!
There are many processes, tools, and model that help you with like situations. It all starts with an introspective assessment of top leadership and how that leadership is manifested day in and day out.
Often introspective assessments require an unbiased third party to facilitate the process. Give Nealabc a call at 480-229-7800 or email dneal@nealabc.com for a free conversation to developing a potential solution.

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