Passion for Selling

The third characteristic in our series on what makes a great sales professional is a passion for selling.

Passion is defined in many ways i.e. the strong desire that can get a person to do amazing things, or an emotion to be acted on, or the one I like, the fuel in the fire of action!

Passion often defies reduction to some simplistic formula or causative factor. Suffice it to say passion is always there when you analyze the best sales professionals.

It is like the other characteristics we have discussed so far, that is a very intrinsic spark that kindles humans to connect their focus and energy to a cause, vocation, career, process, or idea. For our purposes to sell!


My first boss was passion personified.

He was laser focused on business and specifically selling. He did not bounce off the walls with unbridled enthusiasm and pontification.

He simply breathed, ate, and slept selling. A conversation would often start with “How’s your wife, kids and dog” then vault into hours of discussions, strategies, tactics, principles, and stories of selling.

He loved every part of it, and it was obvious.

Another super sales professional I had the honor of being acquainted with use to say, “It doesn’t matter what your selling you need to enjoy the process”! His joy was contagious, he excited his customers, and he had fun doing it.

He always focused on the “big picture” and was not dissuaded by minute details.


Passion is not singular it can be applied to many things in life.

For the superior sales professional once that passion is found and focused on the sales process extraordinary actions and results are inevitable.

As Sam Walton said, “ If you love what your work, you’ll be out there everyday trying to do it the best you can and pretty soon everyone around you will catch it  from you like a fever”!

The prospects we pursue and customers to maintain respond to it.


How do we assess for passion since it is intrinsic and often elusive in its application to a specific area?

Like the other characteristics we have discussed so far there are no quantifiable measuring devises, empirical tests, or passion gage.

However there most definitely are behaviors to look for that are indicative of people with appropriate passion or selling.

  • Words and actions that imply focused energy
  • Sustained commitment
  • A joy and happiness for selling
  • Self- motivation to just get it done
  • A glad to be here do what I’m doing attitude
  • A contagious excitement about achieving results

Developing questions and situations to tease out these behaviors is part of the selection process preparation. One last litmus test is; when does a candidate get on the edge of their seat with a gleam in their eye and smile on their face?

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