New Unified Interface for Dynamics365

New Unified Interface for Dynamics365


Contact: Chris Neal
December 4, 2019

Contact: Chris Neal

AHWATUKEE, AZ – NEALABC is reminding businesses that there will be a NEW Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 in the new year.

Improvements to the look and feel of the software is welcomed, but bringing consistency across the sales hub, customer service and Finance/Operations brings further excitement.

“The new Unified Interface will provide a similar experience whether you are on your computer, tablet or phone.  With cleaner lines, enhancements and capabilities we are excited to be training teams on this new experience” said Chris Neal, CSO at NEALABC.

We find most companies wait until the last moment to bring their teams up to speed on software changes.  Or worse there is no training which causes the user to have a negative experience even though the new changes could be the best ever.

To find out more about how we can help with the new Unified Interface, please contact Chris Neal,

NEALABC can train your team and get you ready for this and other program changes that are arriving in the next year.


(Neal & Associates Business Consultants, Inc.) has been in business since 2003 located in Phoenix, AZ.

The company’s mission is to help its customers sell more.

Many businesses seek help because their top-line sales revenue is not growing sufficiently, or they are not running optimally with their current technology. However, many of them do not have the resources to implement the changes necessary to optimize their strategic processes and people.

Our unique approach couples best practice business methodology with sales technology captured under our proprietary Total Selling Organization (TSO) system umbrella.

The primary delivery mode is a consultative model that provides a comprehensive menu of goods and services. The services are delivered by a cadre of certifiedTSOCoaches and Business Consultants located strategically around the nation. Our methods are simple, cost-effective and result driven.

Please visit,,, where additional information resides about the company.

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