Negligence, the Board and a new CRM

We were contacted by the CEO of a successful business, requesting our help implementing a CRM system. But let’s start at the beginning of the story…

The CEO’s Sales manager was asked to give a report to the Board of Directors regarding the company’s sales performance. The Sales manager reported the usual numbers with appropriately impressive charts and graphs. The presentation was going along very well until one Board member (who was particularly adroit with numbers) asked, “Mr. Sales Manager, I see that we have lost three sales people in the last 9 months. Please explain to me what each was working on, and how you handled the transition of their respective accounts and prospects to whoever replaced them.” 

Needless to say, the Sales manager was taken aback. However in typical Sales manager fashion he assumed he could “wing it” and snow the Board member. To paraphrase his response: “While I’m still working out the details of the ramifications of their collective departures…Mary was very good about keeping records and had everything on a spreadsheet. She said she would send the information to me in a few weeks, but I haven’t received it yet. Bill departed without notice and was extremely protective about what he was doing and sort of left us in the lurch, I’m trying to piece his activities together. Brian was one of our best in terms of revenue generation; however he was not so good at keeping records. I‘m having my administrative assistant reconstruct his portfolio. I can give you a report on each of these at our next meeting. 

”The Board member was not having any of it. She replied, “The information that each of the Sales people had did not belong to them. It is the company’s intellectual property.” Next came an in-depth analysis of the wasted time, energy, opportunities, and money this cost the company.

There was dead silence for what seemed like an eternity, then the Board member cleared her throat and launched into a scathing rebuke, finally informing the Sales manager that he was grossly negligent! She punctuated her final remarks with “If this ever happens again you will be looking for a job!”

The next day, the CEO called us about implementing a CRM system. When we interviewed the Sales manager, he was more than ready to cooperate and indeed embrace a CRM system to prevent an episode like this in the future.

Keeping track of your company’s valuable information should be a top priority….we can help.

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