Sales Coaching

Executive Sales Coaching provides business owners, sales managers and sales professionals with one-on-one sessions to improve a company’s top-line sales performance. Most sales consultants believe one-on-one coaching is the fastest and most effective way to create positive behavioral change that will immediately impact performance.

Our Sales Coaching is unique because it uses a company’s work environment as the laboratory for change, and identifies growth opportunities based on current work situations. In the initial phase, individual, team and company assessments are conducted. The assessments serve as a benchmark to diagnose problem areas, create prescriptive solutions and outline a customized action plan.

This personal approach sets the stage to provide business owners and sales managers with a quick and easy way to evolve into valuable coaches and effective leaders for winning sales teams. The NEALABC team of senior executives has a unique blend of sales training and sales management experience. We are utilizing proprietary tools to provide efficient and cost effective models that produce desired sales results.

Sales Coaching Components

  • Initial sessions are conducted with senior management, as well as management team sponsor.
  • Assessments are conducted using a variety of proprietary tools and individual meetings to define opportunities and refine potential improvement areas – tools and meetings can be held virtually as well as in person.
  • Action Plans are developed for outlined improvement areas; which are agreed to with the sponsor and candidate
  • Protocols for sessions, timelines and outcomes are established
  • Reviews are designed to keep the sponsoring party informed on progress

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