NEALABC New Assessment Service Introductory Offer

NEALABC is introducing a unique service to help businesses select new employees, develop internal talent for promotion and continuously improve all employees.

All three of these are critical for creating and maintaining a world class organization.

To promote our new service, we are offering a complementary 12-page written DISC Assessment along with a phone consultation by Dr. Bob Ruotolo regarding the results.

There are many assessments available, however most are complicated. Frequently reports are voluminous but lack practical utility to decision makers.

NEALABC believes one size does not fit all and therefore has created a multi-level and customizable approach for any size business.

Our method has been developed in conjunction with Dr. Bob Ruotolo of the Quantum Performance Institute and incorporates NEALABC proprietary tools and best practices from many renowned assessment companies.

The process ranges from simple and cost effective online written assessments to supplementary consultation and analytics provided by senior certified coaches.

Assessing and selecting people for the right jobs for the right reasons is a winning formula to sustainable success.

Contact our CSO Chris Neal at or call 480-422-5001 for details and a complementary DISC assessment. 

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