4th of July

I give them everything they want, but they still don’t perform!

During a discussion with a company owner, he was perplexed, desperate and frustrated.
He said he had read a few books and talked to a consultant about how to motivate his organization and get quick results.
He started by improving the work environment with ergonomic- chairs, stand up desks, remodeled the breakroom, added free coffee and candy bars, created a recreation area with a ping pong table, instituted a wellness program including a health club membership, and more paid time off.
He lamented after all his efforts the results were minimal at best, and in fact, some departments performed worse than before all the changes.
He added that there was no sense of urgency, personal initiative, or creativity. He was ready to fire the whole bunch or sell the business.
I asked what he thought was missing now vs. the years when the company was on its game and growing exponentially. A smile came to his face as he stared wide-eyed into the distant past. He was obviously enjoying a moment of past success.
He said we were hungry then, we had a spirit of unity, a can-do attitude, we were a lean, mean fighting machine, people were energized, I was right in the middle of it all and happy as a clam …and then he stopped!
It was if a light switch clicked on, he asked, “How do I get that back?”
Our discussion turned to two essential elements of success from the past; personal leadership and company culture. Both had waned for a variety of reasons.
This led to an introspective soul searching on both elements of a successful organization. After his personal reflections, he invited his direct reports to do the same.
This was followed by a planful rebuilding process with personal and active leadership at the forefront.
A year later he was on the right track, the performance had improved, and there were fewer people playing ping pong table at 10:00 am.
Assessing an organization is an ongoing process and tweaks along the way can prevent massive erosion of rich culture and a decline into one complacency and malaise.
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