4th of July

“Feed the Horses and Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Because of very vibrant economy employers and employees are beginning to see opportunities to advance their respective agendas that were less prevalent just a few short years ago.
This brings up many problems for both.
Employers are now unleashing plans and resources to take advantage of the positive US and global business environment. However, competition is not oblivious to the same dynamic; thus the game is on to hire the best and brightest to support new initiatives.
Recruiters are hard at work peddling talent of all levels of experience and competency. HR is concerned about retaining their existing talent pool during onboarding new personal. The price of “poker” has increased to attract and secure talent.
Employees now have the upper hand; they can respond to many inquiries and select a new situation. The new car, house, college fund, etc. are in reach.
They have perhaps wanted advancement, but their present company had turned a blind eye to career planning and promotion. They implied you were lucky to have a job! Opportunity is knocking, the siren’s call is beaconing.
What will they do?
Employer Tips

  • Do not neglect your high performers discuss their future now!
  • Create a career path for talented performers.
  • Examine compensation issues, i.e. compression as you bring on new employees at higher rates.
  • Promote existing talent
  • “Feed the Horses” that got you where you are!

Employee Tips

  • Be introspective about your existing situation plus and minus.
  • Remove emotion and an impulsive decision making.
  • Discuss your future with management without threats.
  • Analyze offers carefully, internally and externally.
  • Consider “Blooming where you’re planted!”

Final Thought
If employers and employees are having frequent discussions about future opportunities and the developmental process to get their respective needs met the chaos caused by the ups and downs of the general business climate is better managed by both.
All that glitters is not gold!
Nealabc can help analyze both sides of this burgeoning issue give us a call at 480-229-7800 or email dneal@nealabc.com for a free discussion.

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