Change Adoption and Culture Check

In my position I carry a variety of roles, so obviously I need to buy a bunch of software solutions to do all the things! Right? Wrong. So many times not knowing what I needed to do a certain job, I would open a search engine…. describe what I was trying to do in a “HOW DO I…” format and look for my answer in the top links. In the interest of time, my next step would be to purchase a la cart software program to do one thing… This does pay off sometimes because if a company only makes one program it’s gotta be good, right? Well, usually yes. But then I have to pay for and upkeep multiple licenses and worse whatever I made doesn’t talk to the other things I have so my own work becomes silo’d.  The result would end up with me having crucial information living in my email I then must divvy out to separate programs that don’t interact easily, or in some cases not at all.
My work today has me juggling many roles. One of which is Account Manager putting me between client and developers where I balance interpretation, documentation, and training. For example, when a client’s process has multiple steps I will jump on a call with clients myself and the developers. We take the client processes in place today and translate them to a digital format.  Capturing this exchange can be a challenge, however, I have found that recording a meeting session would be a perfect reference point.  Getting this done was a challenge at times or potentially expensive having to use many different programs to bring this seemingly simple task altogether.

I was on the lookout for business tools to help me better serve my clients, it turned out that I already have included in my O365 plan.  So I started using Teams to hold and record meetings, Stream to manage my recordings and then SWAY to go back to create SOP’s for my clients. Why this is significant to me is I’m already paying for all of these with Microsoft Office365 Business Premium.
So the short and sweet answer I have come to find is this… work-life demands a lot from you sometimes, however, I can successfully balance it demands if I have the right tools to prioritize and execute.
My Business premium doesn’t have ALL the tools I need, but it has most and the good news is that when I need to bring several solutions together, Teams lets me create an organized space for collaboration of my office products and third-party solutions and PEOPLE.

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