Sales Planning

Strategic Sales Planning (SSP) is one of NABC, Inc.'s core services that ensures alignment with the company's Strategic Business Plan. Additionally it maximizes ROI on sales training and CRM systems. Business paradigms are changing across the globe that impact business of all sizes up and down the supply chain.

Startling facts and trends:

  • Only 50% of sales teams are meeting their quotas and goals
  • A surprising 60% do not have a formal sales process and 50% are just winging-it
  • Time spent in front of prospects or clients is a mere 36% and 79% still sell direct
  • 21% are increasing using channel partners, VARs, OEMs and sales distributors to increase top line performance

Increasingly sales managers are focusing on where to sell and improving how their organization sells. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Knowledge Management (SKM) are key differentiators among the world class sales teams.

Sales cycles are generally increasing in time therefore more calls and critical activities must be completed to bring each sale to close. The global market place is changing rapidly and traditional sales strategies may be in jeopardy. If a sales organization is to be competitive and relevant it must be constantly exploring new strategies.

NABC, Inc.'s Strategic Sales Planning Process is a simple yet effective tool to ensure sales teams achieve their goals. The SSP creates a roadmap for success by combining the following Sales Optimization tools: LAPS Calculator ©, Sales Assessments, Customer Assessments, and a Strategic Planning Format. Contact Us and we'll send you a link to take our Free Questionnaire to see if the SSP could be useful to improve your sales performance.

Ask about our: Strategic Sales Planning tool that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.