Sales Support

NABC Sales Services

NealABC has a very comprehensive array of services all designed to help companies improve their sales performance. These services are captured in four areas that world class organizations consistently provide:

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Tracking
  • Managing


Strategic Business & Sales Planning

NABC is a Total Selling Organization (TSO) certified company and uses the proprietary TSO System planning process as the format and philosophy to guide companies through a concise and functional planning process.

Sales Training

NABC has developed the K4 Sales Success Formula Training Process that covers four key components of the sales process: Know Yourself, Know Your Customers, Know Your Numbers and Know Your Methods. K4 is delivered in person in a series of training sessions at our corporate office in Phoenix or at the customer’s location, as well as or on line.

Sales Coaching

Customized sales coaching is provided one on one to owners, senior sales executives, sales managers and individual sales professionals to improve their understanding and skills associated with the sales process.

Sales Selection Process

NABC created a proprietary five step selection process that is very behaviorally oriented to improve the probability of selecting the right people for the right reasons. It can be used for any sales position as well as suited for used for positions across an entire enterprise.

Sales Manager Development

Sales managers are key to achieve consistently high performing sales organizations, NABC provides assessments and customized coaching to help sale managers develop the necessary skills.

Sales Manager Outsourcing

NABC provides temporary sales manager services while organizations are looking for a permanent manager. This service allows continuity and professional leadership during times of transition.

Sales Organization Assessment

The assessment benchmarks key sales performance indicators that helps management create a comprehensive plan to address areas of improvement.

CRM Needs Assessment

CRM is fast becoming not a nice to do, but rather a must for world class selling organizations. NABC provides a comprehensive analysis of how a CRM system can positively impact sales performance and develops an action plan to get there.

CRM Implementation

Once a needs assessment has been conducted and a plan of action is created NABC then provides the process and personnel to fully implement a CRM system and ensures an appropriate ROI.

CRM Training Support

Implementing a CRM system is much more than simply plug and play. NABC provides the upfront training as well as follow up support to ensure adaption by all users across an entire organization.

CRM Customization

Most of today’s CRM systems are good right out of the box and are designed for generic use. NABC has the expertise and resources to customize a CRM system to meet the specific needs that more sophisticated customers require.

Total Selling Organization (TSO) Implementation

NABC is a TSO certified company and has the skill and resources to help organizations fully implement the TSO System that drives superior sales performance.

Total Selling Organization (TSO) Coaching Certification

NABC is a TSO certified organization with the expertise and executive coaches to train other consultants and organizations that want to become TSO certified to use the TSO System.

HR Sales Optimization

NABC recognizes that people are the most important part of any organization and specifically when selecting, training, and coaching sales professionals, therefore our HR arm coordinates many of our people optimization services.

Secret Shopper Calls

Many customers want to know what their customers think about their goods and services, NABC designs and delivers the people and processes to make calls, as well as the analysis of responses and recommendations for decision making.

Speakers Bureau

NABC provides keynote speakers, sales events, and meeting planning and facilitation to educate and motivate an organization.