Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service 

Earn customers for life

Offer world-class customer service that leads to loyalty. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service unifies the way people experience your business—across self-service, peer-to-peer service, and assisted service.

Create consistency and loyalty

Provide the seamless service your customers expect by meeting them where they are with the information they need, every time.
  • Give customers great service on their channel of choice.
  • Make Help easy by providing relevant, personalized service.
  • Proactively address issues by detecting customers' intent and social sentiment.



Make your agents' jobs easier 

Give your agents complete information—in a single customer service software app—to make smart decisions and provide great service. 
  • Reveal customers’ case histories, preferences, and feedback.
  • Provide guidance on entitlements and service-level agreements.
  • Display it all in a single interface tailored to their job and skill

Get an adaptive engine

Respond quickly to customer and market changes within an agile, cloud-based environment that has digital intelligence built in.
  • Adapt and customize easily using configuration, not code.
  • Extend your functionality through a single interface.
  • Rely on advanced analytics and a trusted cloud platform.

Start with smarter customer service capabilities
  • Omni-channel engagement
  • Self-serivce
  • Unified experience
  • Knowledge base
  • Digital intelligence

Consistent, omni-channel engagement 

Give your agents what they need to serve your customers anytime, on any channel. Customer Service provides a unified platform that makes information available across engagements—so your agents offer the consistency and personalization your customers expect.



Customer self-service and peer-to-peer service 

Make it easy for your customers to find answers on their own. With Customer Service, you can provide a self-service portal with a searchable knowledge base and an online community space where peers respond. Then, transition them seamlessly to assisted support when they need it. 

Single user interface 

Equip your agents to handle service interactions in one place on their desktop or mobile device. Unlike other help-desk software, Customer Service provides a single view into all information—from scripting to entitlements to recommendations—so agents can provide personalized service fast.

Searchable knowledge base 

Give your agents and customers the answers they need on the spot. The knowledge base provides consistent answers across channels. Periodic reviews keep responses current and relevant. And you can get in-depth analytics to measure the impact of the responses. 

Built-in digital intelligence
Move to predictive and proactive customer service, using the data analytics in Customer Service. It provides interactive dashboards and data visualizations that help you pull insights from your metrics, making it easier to identify trends and anticipate opportunities.
Why Choose Us ?
  • Quick and convenient Localized Support
  • Compatible with the latest Microsoft applications
  • Flexible short and long term support options
  • Practical proven use of the applications
  • Access anywhere anytime
  • Various business coaches and industry backgrounds
  • Supporting multiple customer service models and companies sizes
Total Selling Organization Methodology

Combing Microsoft powered technology with the Total Selling Organization methodology enables your customer service strategies by solidifying communication between sales and customers service.